Signature and root certificates (manual validation)

Only persons acquainted with the principals of digital signatures and the Adobe Acrobat Reader product should manually validate the digitally signed electronic criminal records excerpt. The manual validation can be done with Adobe Acrobat starting with version 7.

The helpdesk of the Swiss Criminal Records will not be able to give support for a manual validation. Our validation service is offered for laymen. The validation service will go green, if the electronic excerpt has not been modified since it has been signed, if the certificates used for signature and timestamp are valid, and if the excerpt has been signed with the correct signing certificate.

The installation and settings necessary for a manual validation are described in our instructions. Your Adobe Acrobat is correctly installed and correctly set up, if the sample excerpt without a conviction (must be saved on your computer) validates correctly in all points.

When looking at the details about the signer, the date and time, the Adobe Acrobat (Reader) product will show the certificates, which have been used to sign and timestamp. Always verify that the signing certificate used is one of the six certificates listed below. The criminal records excerpt is only valid, if the certificate has been issued for cn=Roger Dolder Head of Criminal Records, and if Adobe Acrobat (Reader) confirms, that the excerpt has not been modified since it has been signed.

Certificates used after 20.10.2011

Certificates used until 20.10.2011