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Validator is a service of the Federal Administration

Here you can check electronically signed documents. If an official function is assigned to the signature of an authorised agency, it will be displayed.

Validate document


Select the document type

What type of document would you like to check for validity?


Upload document

Please select an electronically signed file that you would like to check:

The documents uploaded to the Validator for checking will neither be saved permanently by the system, nor will the document content or metadata be recorded in the system log.


Check document

Here you can optionally specify your details as examiner. This will appear in the report.


  • Signature and integrity of the signed file

    The document is checked to see whether it has been modified since it was signed.

  • Revocation status of the signing certificate

    The signed certificate is checked to see if it was issued by a competent authority and if it was valid and not revoked (invalidated) at the time it was signed.

  • Validity of the time stamp

    A signed time stamp (TSA; Time Stamping Authority) from a recognised provider can confirm the time the document was signed regardless of the computer’s system clock.

  • Authorised certificate for this document type

    You can check whether a document has been signed with an appropriate certificate for this purpose.

Issue new electronic documents:

If you create official electronic documents and would like to provide the option of having them checked in the Validator, please send us a request.


Please contact us if you have any further questions regarding the electronic signature or validation of documents. We will be happy to help you: