Please read carefully before proceeding...

How to proceed:

Enter data and print

Duration approx.
10 - 15 minutes
Personal data and postal addresses
Ordering and payment
Print and close


Sign form and send with
identity document as attachment
No excerpt without signature and attachments!

Payment methods:
Online (credit card or Post Finance Card) or payment using post deposit slip (please enclose postal receipt).

You require the following:
  • Official proof of identity
  • Name of parents
  • Recipient address (if not your own)
  • If the recipient is a foreign authority: check whether an attestation is required.
  • Acrobat Reader and printer required to show/print form:

Additional requirements
Payments already made will not be reimbursed.

False information, forgery or tampering with regard to the contents of the order are liable to criminal prosecution.

Security and data protection
Your identity document and signature on the original form ensure that only you may order an excerpt.

All your data will:
  • be transmitted in code
  • be used only for ordering the excerpt

Details on data protection

Enter data