Frequently asked questions (FAQ) - General

  • General

  • Which extract do I need?

    • Standard private extract from the Register of Criminal Records:

      A standard private extract from the Register of Criminal Records provides information on all convictions that must be recorded, unless the convictions are ‘spent', i.e. a certain period of time has elapsed. It may be ordered for any purpose.

      Special private extract from the Register of Criminal Records:

      A special private extract from the Register of Criminal Records provides only the following information: convictions in which a sentence has been imposed involving a ban on practising a particular profession, a ban on carrying out certain activities, a ban on contact with certain persons, or a ban prohibiting the offender from visiting certain locations, where the bans have been issued for the purpose of protecting
      • minors
      • other particularly vulnerable persons, or
      • patients in a healthcare setting
      for as long as such bans remain in force.

      A special private extract may only be ordered if it is required for a professional or a non-work-related organised activity involving regular contact with minors or other particularly vulnerable persons, or direct contact with patients in a healthcare setting. It may only be ordered with special confirmation from the employer, organisation or licensing authority.

  • How long is a digital extract available for download?

    • The link for obtaining a digital extract is valid for only 60 days from the date on which it is sent. After this 60-day period, the digital extract can no longer be downloaded.

  • What is the advantage of having a digital extract?

    • You will receive the link to the digital extract by email as soon as your request has been processed and can use the extract as often as you wish.

  • Can I check whether my order is being processed?

    • You can check the status of your order under ‘Tracking'.

  • How do I get a receipt?

    • You can obtain the document under ‘Receipt' as soon as the extract has been sent by us.

  • Verifying criminal records excerpts

  • How can I verify the authenticity of a digitally signed extract?

    • A digital criminal records extract is a PDF document that bears an electronic seal (qualified digital signature). An electronic seal is secure proof of the origin, validity and integrity of a document. Integrity means that it is immediately visible if a sealed document has subsequently been modified.

      The seals on electronic criminal records extracts are applied in accordance with the Swiss Electronic Signatures Act (ESigA, SR/RS 943.03).
      The seals also contain a certified timestamp, which proves precisely when the seal was applied.

      A validation service is provided so that you can check the authenticity of your criminal records extract.

  • How can I verify the authenticity of a paper criminal records extract or a copy?

    • If you have a criminal records extract issued on original paper (or a copy of one) that does not show any convictions, or a print out of a digital extract, you can verify whether the content of the extract is correct. However, verification is possible only if the extract has been issued within the past six months.

      Extracts that show convictions may not be verified this way. If you wish to have an extract containing convictions verified, please contact:

      Federal Office of Justice
      Register of Criminal Records
      Bundesrain 20
      3003 Bern
      ++41 58 465-0198
      (Monday to Friday 09.30am - 10.30am, 2.00pm - 3.00pm)

  • Information on data protection

  • What will happen with my data?

    • Communication of data

      All personal data required for ordering and payment is encrypted.

      Access to personal data

      Your personal data is only accessible for the purpose of ordering an extract from the Register of Criminal Records. It is not accessible to third persons.

      When is data stored?

      Only at the end of the ordering process. If you cancel the ordering process or close your browser during the process, all the data that has been recorded will be lost. You will then have to start the ordering process again.

      Copy on your computer

      During the ordering process, you can save a copy of the order form on your computer.

  • General technical questions

  • What browser/operating systems can be used?

    • We recommend that you always use an up-to-date browser version. This website will work with most web browsers:

  • The automatic filling-in of fields (e.g. my home town) does not work.

    • Certain fields are filled in ahead for greater ease of handling and accuracy. For example, after you enter the postcode, a drop-down list of place names appears.

      This works only if the security settings in your browsers have not been set too high.

      If you cannot change the settings (e.g. because of internal company security restrictions) you will have to use another browser, if you want the fields to be filled out automatically.

  • I have technical problems with the order process on the internet or with my online payment.

    • In the heading bar, you will see the transaction number (TAN). This number is used to identify your details and reproduce them. 

      If you need support, you can contact us:
      Phone: +41 58 465 01 98
      (Monday to Friday 09.30am - 10.30am, 2.00pm - 3.00pm)

      Federal Office of Justice
      Register of Criminal Records
      Service for Private Individuals
      Bundesrain 20
      3003 Bern

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