First of all, please read the following information carefully…

Employer's confirmation
The signed confirmation from the Employer (organisation etc.) that is offering you a professional or organised, non-professional activity involving contact with children or other persons requiring special protection, must be available.

Here's what you have to do:
Enter the details and print

Duration approx.
10 - 15 minutes
Personal details and addresses
Order and payment details
Print and complete


sign the form and submit it, along with
the Employer's confirmation and a copy
of your official identity document.
No excerpt without signature and attachments!

You will need the following items:
  • The signed Employer's confirmation
  • An official identity document
  • The names of your parents
  • Only if the Employer is located outside Switzerland: you must have verified whether an attestation is required.
  • Acrobat Reader and printer required to show/print form:

Payment methods:
Online (credit card or PostFinance Card) or pre-payment using a paying-in slip (enclose receipt from post-office).

Additional stipulations
Any fees already paid in will not be reimbursed.

Any person submitting false information or counterfeit documents or who attempts to manipulate the details submitted with the order shall be subject to criminal prosecution.

Security and data protection
A copy of your identity document and your signature on the original version of the form are required in order to ensure that only you are able to order a special excerpt form the criminal records relating to yourself.

All of the details submitted with your order will be:
  • transmitted in encrypted form
  • and will only be used for the purpose of ordering an extact from the criminal records

Information relating to data protection

Data entry