Information on the digitally signed extract from the Swiss Register of Criminal Records

A digital criminal records extract is a PDF document that bears an electronic seal (qualified digital signature).
An electronic seal is secure proof of the origin, validity and integrity of a document. Integrity means that it is immediately visible if a sealed document has subsequently been modified.
The seals on electronic criminal records extracts are applied in accordance with the Swiss Electronic Signatures Act (ESigA, SR/RS 943.03).

A document that is signed in this way is valid in both electronic and in paper form.

The seals also contain a certified timestamp, which proves precisely when the seal was applied.
This makes it possible, in the event of the expiry or revocation of the signature certificate, to confirm reliably and retrospectively whether the signature certificate was still valid at the time the signature was applied.

The integrity and origin of the document and the validity of the electronic seal can be verified at You can also request a verification report to be issued in order to prove that you have verified the extract.

Digitally signed extracts can be used repeatedly and retain their validity. However, they must be downloaded within two months, or they will be deleted.