Special excerpt from the swiss criminal records

Content of the special excerpt from the swiss criminal records
  • Convictions comprising a judgment imposing a ban prohibiting the exercising of a profession, a judgment prohibiting certain activities from being undertaken, a judgment prohibiting contact, or a judgment prohibiting the individual from visiting certain locations, insofar as such prohibition has been issued for the purposes of the protection of minors or other persons requiring special protection.
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Examples of activities concerned:
Trainer at a children's sports club, carer at a children's day-care centre, primary school teacher, nursing staff in a home for the elderly or disabled, etc.

  • A written and signed employer's confirmation (organisation). This form can be generated online.

The special excerpt from the swiss criminal records is available in two formats
  • As a traditional hard copy excerpt printed on special paper, sent by post.
  • As an electronic, digitally signed excerpt in PDF format, sent electronically.

CHF 20.00 per special excerpt from the swiss criminal records.

Payment methods:
Online (credit card, PostFinance Card or TWINT) or payment using post deposit slip (please enclose postal receipt).

  • In the event that the special excerpt from the swiss criminal records (in hard copy) is required for an employer (organisation) that is based abroad, in most cases it is necessary to obtain attestation/an apostille certificate from the Swiss Federal Chancellery. We will provide an attestation of the document for an additional fee of CHF 20.00.
  • Special excerpts for individuals provided in an electronic, digitally signed format cannot be notarised.

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