Verifying criminal records excerpts

Verifying a digital excerpt

A digitally signed electronic criminal records excerpt is a PDF document, to which an electronic cryptographical seal (qualified digital signature) has been applied. A digital signature must not be confused with a scanned signature made by hand on a document!

A qualified digital signature is a secure proof of the origin, the validity and the integrity of a digitally signed electronic document. Integrity means that it is easily visible if an electronic document has been modified after being signed.

More information can be found in the FAQs

Verifying a paper excerpt

You may verify the correctness of the contents of an excerpt containing no sentence(s) issued on original paper (or a copy thereof) or issued as printed, digitally signed electronic excerpt. All you have to do is enter a very few features of the excerpt; however, verification of excerpts is possible only if excerpts have been issued within the past six months.

Excerpts containing sentences may not be verified this way.

More information can be found in the FAQs

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