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Extract from the criminal records

Extracts may be obtained from the Federal Office of Justice.

Content of extract

The extract is available in two forms

Who can order an extract?
  • Any person may order an extract pertaining to himself (on submission of an identity document and signature)

Extract recipient
  • The applicant himself, to his postal address (usual case)
  • Any other person at another address (e.g. employer, authorities) only on your explicit request
  • Digitally signed electronic extracts only: to an e-mail address provided by you and accessible only using a password provided by you or by using your SuisseID.

CHF 20 per extract

If the extract is required by a foreign authority / foreign consulate, an attestation by the Federal Chancellery is usually necessary. We will provide the attestation for an additional charge of CHF 20.
Digitally signed electronic criminal records extracts cannot be authenticated.

Digital services:
  • The criminal records extract can now also be ordered as a digitally signed electronic document (PDF).
    Example of use: A job application sent by e-mail with the digitally signed criminal records extract as an attachement.
  • If you dispose of a SuisseID, you can receive you extract within 6 (business) hours.
    more about the SuisseID

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Legislative basis and links:
Leaflet on handling with criminal records extracts
FAQ about the Criminal Records
Criminal records decree
Criminal Code (Art. 365 ff)