Criminal records extracts

An extract from the Register of Criminal Records is available in two formats:
  • As a paper extract that is sent by post (to your postal address or to another delivery address)
  • As an electronic, digitally signed extract in PDF format which is sent to your email address

Each extract costs CHF 17 plus any additional costs if special delivery or legalisation is requested.

If the extract (in paper form) has to be submitted to a foreign authority or consulate, in most cases legalisation or an apostille is required from the Swiss Federal Chancellery. We can arrange for the extract to be legalised for an additional fee of CHF 20.

Extracts in electronic, digitally signed form cannot be legalised.

There are two types of extract from the Register of Criminal Records (if both types of extract are required, two separate orders must be placed):

Standard private extract

A standard private extract may be ordered for any purpose.

For example: for normal job applications, when renting an apartment, when applying for Swiss citizenship

Special private extract

A special private extract is issued for a professional or non-professional activities involving regular contact with minors or other particularly vulnerable people.

For example: Coaching in a children's sports club, working as a carer in a children's day care centre, working as a nurse in a home for the disabled or a nursing home.
Please note:
You can only order an extract for yourself.
Please note:
You require written confirmation signed by your employer in order to apply for a special private extract.

The standard private extract provides information on:
Any convictions for felonies or misdemeanours committed as an adult, unless such convictions are spent.
The special private extract provides information on:
Convictions involving a ban on practising a particular profession or a contact prohibition or exclusion order, if these measures were ordered for the protection of minors or other persons in particular need of protection.
Further information

Order a standard private extract Order a special private extract


New law on criminal records 23.01.2023
On 23 January 2023, the new law on criminal records came into force and VOSTRA, the new criminal records information system, went into operation. This results in several changes:
  • The standard private extract and special extract have a new design.
  • Ordering a standard private extract or a special private extract now costs CHF 17.
  • The new statutory provisions affect how long a judgment is visible on a standard private extract and how long it remains stored in VOSTRA. In addition, the requirements for registering foreign judgments against Swiss nationals were changed.

Caution when ordering an extract from the criminal excerpt on the Internet
The Swiss Criminal Records has received increased reports of deception when ordering criminal excerpt on the Internet.

Currently, the deceptive acts take place on the following websites:

An extract from the Register of Criminal Records can only be ordered on the website of the Federal Office of Justice: or over the counter at the post office.